Feeling lonely at the top?

Great Leaders never stop evolving

Becoming a visionary leader in today’s global economy is a challenging task. CEOs are expected to provide guidance when it comes to business strategy, execution, leaders and management. They are looked up for advise, but when it comes to seeking an advise themselves, CEOs seen to have less options than others.

More often than not, it feels “lonely at the top”. Successful leaders and executives know that being surrounded by trusted peers could be an optimal support to their leadership excellence.

Collective expertise outside your experience

The Cyprus CEO Club, as expert community of thought leaders and business mentors, provides opportunities to explore best in-class management practices and strategies for sustaining a competitive edge.

It is a proven platform to exchange ideas, to learn from trusted peers that experience similar challenges and to share successful leadership practices. This concept is already being practiced worldwide with excellent results amongst thousands of CEOs. We aim to create a confidential and trusted environment where CEOs discuss their business and personal struggles, share and receive practical advice, network and socialise in a highly professional group of peer CEOs. It is all about raising the bar on leadership performance through a community of supporting peers.

Improvement fuelled by professionally facilitated process

Peer Group - Board of trusted Advisors

Designed as an interactive and confidential environment where individuals come together as equals with the shared goals of professional and company improvement, peer groups offer positive reinforcement and a structure of accountability, both promoting meaningful and lasting change.

Monthly Group meetings

Professionally facilitated by world-class fascinators-Chairs, the board of Trusted Advisors meets once a month. Members share their goals and challenges and may decide to set specific goals for themselves.

The open dialogue in these meetings creates an environment of trust that leads to problem-solving and goal achievement.

Additional Activities

As our membership grows, so does our responsibility to provide added-value networking, mentoring and life-learning services. That is why we organise periodic CEO Club conferences - networking events carefully planned as a perfect mixture of inspiring lectures, team building and leisure activities

Designed to bring all members together regardless of their teams, these events allow effective business networking and learning experiences.


Zohar Shamir


Zohar Shamir is the CEO of Faluro, a highly successful internet company with revenue of over $100M. He was a key executive and had material role in the acquisition of Viber Media by Japanese Rakuten for $900M. His previous experience includes CFO positions at Fularo, PHTS Telemedizin, Trane Inc. and as an Audit and Professional Advisory with EY for public and private companies listed on NASDAQ and Israeli Stock Exchange.

Mr. Shamir is a certified Six Sigma Professional and has strong financial background and vast experience in numerous CFO roles in private and public global companies. Other areas of his expertise include managing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance and implementation of ERP finance and controlling deployment strategy planning. Annual Budget Planning aligned with corporate vision, mission and strategic goals as well as managing legal and human resource corporate issues. Mr Shamir is a CPA and holds an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS), Israel.

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Hillik Nissani


Hillik Nissani is a seasoned global executive and consultant with proven track record of over 25 years across 5 continents in both B2B and B2C companies. He is the owner and Managing Director of Habaneros, a consulting and executive coaching & mentoring agency. His abundant working experience included managing business units of approximately $100M in revenues and overseeing marketing budgets of tens of millions of dollars.

Main areas of Mr. Nissani’s expertise include developing sustainable business strategies and managing marketing tactics implementation, harnessing marketing technologies and product development to support revenues and profit growth, optimise marketing ROI and improve overall efficiency as well as coaching and mentoring executives to improve leadership and management skills. Mr. Nissani serves as a board member of Israeli high-tech companies, has an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and is a certified ICF Coach.

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